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Key Magazines, Inc., was incorporated Feb. 27, 1962, but the name and trademarked logo appeared even earlier. The first Key was launched in Los Angeles in the 1940s and the familiar logo was introduced in the 1950s. Incorporators included several long-time publishers of visitor guides, including Walter L. West, Sr., who pioneered the concept of visitor guides in Chicago as early as 1920. Key This Week in Chicago continues to be owned and operated by the West family, illustrating the strength of the brand.

​The organization was granted its trademark in 1969 and currently licenses Key magazines in Arizona, Carmel/Monterey, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Memphis, Milwaukee, Nashville and Oklahoma City. The group’s affiliates are City Guide in New York City and Boston Panorama. In West Africa, Key Ghana publishes the only visitor guide for business and leisure travelers, along with a very popular map.

Key® Magazines and Key® Affiliates distribute more than 2.1 million copies each month. Although all Key® Magazines and Affiliates are independently owned, Key Magazines develops regional and national print and online advertising packages. When traveling to any of the above cities, be sure to visit the Key national website at You’ll be able to find links to the various city publications, request magazines, and contact Key's national sales representative.

Key Magazines today stand out as leaders in the tourism information industry nationally, a position that is been enhanced by a growing online presence. The success of our publications and web sites across the country can be attributed to one simple idea - in all instances Key licensees and affiliates are locally owned organizations, led by individuals who genuinely love their cities. Opportunities exist in many other cities in the US for both print and/or digital Key Magazines. Contact us about how we can provide valuable startup assistance.


Featured Publisher

Key Magazine is Nashville’s oldest monthly travel and visitor guide, having been published continuously since 1977. Key is distributed throughout Middle Tennessee. Hotels, travel centers, airports, rental car agencies, charter flight companies, tour operators and other professionals dealing with the traveling public use Key as their definitive guide to up-to-date happenings and events of interest to Nashville’s visitors.




KEY Magazines and KEY Affiliates distribute more than 2.1 million travel magazines and every month. If you'd like to reach this lucrative travel audience, please get in touch at:

Keith Powell

Tel: 817-654-9740

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Key publishers straddle the worlds of old and new media. In addition to our printed publications, you'll find Key editions on the web, on mobile devices and eReaders, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest too. Wherever you hang out - search for KEY - we'll be there!



Fantastic markets are available for licensing. If you're interested in starting a KEY Magazine, or if you already have a publication and you'd like to become an affiliate, please get in touch with us at:

Keith Powell

Tel: 817-654-9740



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Oklahoma City
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